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Current 2022 Hellcat Production Numbers

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I wasn't sure where best to place this so hopefully this works here.

I have been updating a few other threads here occasionally with single group numbers but figured someone might appreciate the full Hellcat numbers to date.

This is the complete breakdown of all 2022 Hellcat Challengers/Chargers that I have been able to find build to date.

If anyone has seen my TRX posts over on RAMTRX then they already will recognize this chart style.
Every column is Built / Shipped (Build Sheet / Window Sticker)

So for the YTD total they have built 6074 and shipped 5818 of those as of today.
Built 357 Octane Red and shipped 344
California is in the lead currently with 611 built, 591 of those shipped.

The bar chart at the top is grouped by week, with the 7th week of the year being when the first Hellcat came down the line, (ignoring the pilot cars built long before then)

If anybody has any questions/suggestions I will do my best to accommodate.


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I have a 2022 SRT Charger Hellcat, F8 Green, Sunroof, Black package, black carbon fibre stripes, black interior. Made for Canada. I am curious on how many like it were produced?
Only found 152 Window Stickers tonight and none of them were Hellcats.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!
I live near the Brampton plant in Canada where all the Chargers and Challengers are made and word is the Hellcat production for 22 is done and they are asking for retirements to begin layoffs.
No way Dodge is cutting bait on the Hellcats when they just came out with new Allocations in July. The JB’s are limited production but they bring in Grand Wagoner money.
Dodge May layoff after Hellcat season next year. Right now, my dodge beating heart believes they wanna get as much as they can while they can before big brother Stella says stop it.
Just relaying what I heard at a recent cruise night this week.
Just relaying what I heard at a recent cruise night this week.
FWIW...the Brampton layoffs or early retirement packages were just in the news a few days back.
Question: Do the Pilot Cars have market designations like production cars (made for Canada, made for USA etc) ?? If yes do you know the number by market?
Kind of. Country only. No further separation

Yes, kind of. I can tell which Country they were intended for but nothing further, there is no detail on state/province like there is for production. So for instance, all US cars are listed under Michigan.

While on the topic, there was another pilot car produced this morning as well. A Pitch Black Challenger Redeye Widebody
Interesting. How many 2022 Charger Hellcat pilot cars were made for Canada (non-Redeye/Jailbreak)?
Is the main chart going to be updated ongoing?
So what's the deal with 2022? Will the final stats be assembled with more granularity (model by colour / by country etc.) or does it just stay with the chart on page 1 and focus moves on to 2023?
@triple_B :Thank you for all your work and reporting to our site. You are amazing!

I know you don't have time to fulfill a ton of requests about each car's individual combinations...but there used to be a guy on here that would break it down for you for like a $25 donation and he would send you a print out of how many cars are just like yours.....

For example:

I have a 2022 Narrow Body Redeye Challenger, Sinamon Stick Color, cloth interior, and the only other option are the brass monkey wheels, VIN 2C3CDZL90NH112479

How can I get a total breakdown? Is this someone doing final number configurations?
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I would gladly pay $25 to find out how many 22 HC Widebody Chargers made for Canada in F8 with black interior, sunroof, black carbon stripes and black package
That goes to Dodge USA. They have kicked Canadian inquiries to Dodge Canada who have replied they will not provide those breakdowns. Odd given they are all built in Canada but such is life.
The info/tracking has been brilliant and a big thank you.

No updates for a month and a half so I am assuming based on previous posts that there are still the odd 2022 getting shipped still?

I too am interested in how many cars were made like mine? Tried Chrysler Canada but they will not divulge that info even though Dodge USA provides for cars shipped to US market.

Built for Canada market, 2022 Charger Hellcat WB, 8 Speed Automatic, F8 Green, Black Laguna Leather w/ Hellcat Logo, Sunroof, SRT Black Package, Navigation & Travel Group, Dual black carbon stripes
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Thanks triple_b. Not a huge surprise given small numbers but good to know.
Only if the car was shipped to US Market
Contact Dodge (via email) and they can tell you

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