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Current 2022 Hellcat Production Numbers

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I wasn't sure where best to place this so hopefully this works here.

I have been updating a few other threads here occasionally with single group numbers but figured someone might appreciate the full Hellcat numbers to date.

This is the complete breakdown of all 2022 Hellcat Challengers/Chargers that I have been able to find build to date.

If anyone has seen my TRX posts over on RAMTRX then they already will recognize this chart style.
Every column is Built / Shipped (Build Sheet / Window Sticker)

So for the YTD total they have built 6074 and shipped 5818 of those as of today.
Built 357 Octane Red and shipped 344
California is in the lead currently with 611 built, 591 of those shipped.

The bar chart at the top is grouped by week, with the 7th week of the year being when the first Hellcat came down the line, (ignoring the pilot cars built long before then)

If anybody has any questions/suggestions I will do my best to accommodate.


Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number
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The Facebook guy that works on the assembly line says they have enough parts to build cars for about 4 weeks. Hopefully their chip supplier comes through before then and they can just keep rolling.
So is that 4 weeks after this week or 4 weeks including this week?
790 Build Sheets found today, 38 of them were Hellcats. 2 more forum members with cars starting production! Congratulations to @joshuabturner85, @Jlive

222713 @joshuabturner85XArizonaHellraisinChallenger Jailbreak
233008 @JliveXVirginiaGo MangoCharger Scat Pack
Thank you! Appreciate what you do.
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12/6/21 from Jake at DC
Been in D status all year
What did you order?
A blacked out Super Stock
Not a lot of added options
Hopefully you get it
Found 700 Window Stickers tonight, 44 of them were Hellcats. 1 more forum member with a car on the way! Congratulations to @Jlive

@JliveXX1VirginiaGo MangoCharger Scat Pack
Thank you!
Triple b thanks for all your help, picked it up last night. Going from a narrow body challenger to a widebody charger, can definitely feel a difference


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KZLD status, apparently built, released for shipping but not an allocated space on the train?
Mine went into that and it was still only 5 days from shipped to dealer
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Ourisman dealer has 20,000$ markup about 132,000$
I hope you aren't paying that......
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