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Current 2022 Hellcat Production Numbers

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I wasn't sure where best to place this so hopefully this works here.

I have been updating a few other threads here occasionally with single group numbers but figured someone might appreciate the full Hellcat numbers to date.

This is the complete breakdown of all 2022 Hellcat Challengers/Chargers that I have been able to find build to date.

If anyone has seen my TRX posts over on RAMTRX then they already will recognize this chart style.
Every column is Built / Shipped (Build Sheet / Window Sticker)

So for the YTD total they have built 6074 and shipped 5818 of those as of today.
Built 357 Octane Red and shipped 344
California is in the lead currently with 611 built, 591 of those shipped.

The bar chart at the top is grouped by week, with the 7th week of the year being when the first Hellcat came down the line, (ignoring the pilot cars built long before then)

If anybody has any questions/suggestions I will do my best to accommodate.


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Was told by my dealer my build date was now 9/22, two days. Ordered on 3/11. Anyone around the same time line, 2022 WBHC
Got you in my list now man, the ESD is most commonly the build date for recent builds so maybe we will see your car show up in a couple weeks.
Anyway you can do some research on my vehicle? My VIN is NH139866, The status is in "B" and my estimated Delivery is Nov 15th. On trackyourorder it says Nov 15 is the estimated delivery but my dealer sent me a picture and it says the estimated ship date is 9/21/22, today lol. Assuming that can't be accurate, even he said thinks it must be in the middle or final stage of build. If you hear anything about it let me know!
Wonder what will happen if your car is already in production, do them finish it asap or let it sit half done? If anyone knows feel free to reply.
I wish theyd just release info so we arent left in the dark here
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I see most of you guys are talking about JB's but should the guys with pending 22 WBHC orders be worried
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1537 Build Sheets found today, 41 of them were Hellcats. 1 more forum member with a car starting production! Congratulations to @rand

@randXVirginiaWhite KnuckleCharger Redeye Widebody
If you can try and look into my build for me Id really appreciate it, my salesman told me my car was just completed on Friday. My vin is 139866. Thanks in advance man!
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That looks correct, I actually found that car built on Thursday(9/22) and finished on Saturday(9/24). Congratulations man. Hope its parked in your driveway soon! (y)
Lets goooo! Any guess on how long it will take to be shipped? Thanks so much man appreciate all the work you do for this page!
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My JB shipped 7/1 dealer says delivery date is 9/28. Stinks 😷 that the Charger is setting outside for 2-3 months.
Trying to stay positive!
Good Luck!
Oh no, let's pray they get me mine to me faster than that!
I have tracked over 300 cars from WS to dealer lot in New York with an average transit time of 34 days. (Min of 9, Max of 156)
Wow, thank you so much!
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whispers please be 9 please be 9 please be 9 please be 9...156 days. Woof. They must have had to wrangle a TON of carrier pigeons to get that Amish guy his car.
So accurate I'm concerned lol
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