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Current 2022 Hellcat Production Numbers

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I wasn't sure where best to place this so hopefully this works here.

I have been updating a few other threads here occasionally with single group numbers but figured someone might appreciate the full Hellcat numbers to date.

This is the complete breakdown of all 2022 Hellcat Challengers/Chargers that I have been able to find build to date.

If anyone has seen my TRX posts over on RAMTRX then they already will recognize this chart style.
Every column is Built / Shipped (Build Sheet / Window Sticker)

So for the YTD total they have built 6074 and shipped 5818 of those as of today.
Built 357 Octane Red and shipped 344
California is in the lead currently with 611 built, 591 of those shipped.

The bar chart at the top is grouped by week, with the 7th week of the year being when the first Hellcat came down the line, (ignoring the pilot cars built long before then)

If anybody has any questions/suggestions I will do my best to accommodate.


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any word on 23 super stocks going into production, my dealer had no updates , ordered on 10/29 still in BG i was told
The fist super stock was built on 12-14-22 F8Greeen and the 2nd one was built on 12-20-22. The 2023 production started on 12-12-2022 at 6:30 pm
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The chart is updated as of todays numbers. There are still 284 2022 Hellcats left (built but not left the plant yet) so I dont consider the chart complete for the year just yet.
new to this forum, will you be keeping track of the 2023MY as well. I am tracking the super stocks, narrow body jailbreaks and Black ghost.
Also, can you keep an eye out if Final edition "Car #7" is sneaking into production? Maybe looking for anomalies? I have heard that they might have a 240mm rear and "CP" badging...whatever that is....maybe the special car's name? Thanks for your work!
They have built 39 test pilot (no name) but has 240mm rear and wide body in rear narrow in front. been seen driving around Detroit last week
Finally today I just got the window sticker for the last Canadian 2022 Challenger Jailbreak built first week of Dec.2022
I now have all 65
how did you know there was only 65 for Canadian.
i am trying to find out how many super stocks were made for Canada. i have 51 so far for the 2022
I found 571 Super Stocks built for 2022, 59 of them were for Canada.
you have found 571 super stocks and out of them 59 are for Canada.
so the USA total is 512 units. is that correct?
That would make sense why my numbers are off.

The last day of the 2022MY production was DEC 12th around 6:30pm, The next car to roll off the line for the 2023MY was a Black Challenger GT on DEC 12th. they built them right up till closing time at 11:00pm. Just to let you know
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I found 571 Super Stocks built for 2022, 59 of them were for Canada.
Do you know how many super stocks were built for Canada for the 2021MY. I have tracked down 16 units (i think) so far. i gave up cause i could not find a total production
So that would be the first production 2023 built?

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it was a black Challenger GT
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You are indeed a 1 of 1, assumming you are VIN ...706
Are you going to do a color chart for the 2022 super stocks, I am missing 15 vin numbers, having a hard time finding them.
Black 111
Go Mango 58
Smoke Show 50
Hellraisin 47
White Knuckle 43
TorRed 40
F8Green 32
Indigo Blue 30
Octane Red 25
Granite 20
Sinamon Stick 15
FrostBite 15
Triple Nickel 11
Can you fill in the missing 15 colors please, any help finding the last 15 vin numbers would be greatly appreciated.
I have 497 vins out of the 512 vins for USA
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