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Current 2023 Charger/Challenger Hellcat Production Numbers

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Starting a 2023 Production Thread, I found the first cars come down the line on December 13th and they have built 6720 cars since that date as of the end of December, 500 of those were Hellcats.

Chart below and will be updated with the daily posts for new Hellcat builds.

As always, if there is additional information that anyone would find useful I will do my best to provide what I can.

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so start to finish once you enter d1 status call it 3 weeks assuming upfitter and all that other jazz? I know the car will be built faster than that but logistics from when it starts production to when it gets shipped to dealer lot (which is a wide variance too)
with all of the retooling at the plant I’d say give it take 1-3 months just depending when the vendors and lot planning pulls your lot number for your build. It’s the logistics that take forever. The cars are built in a few hours but getting the car to the yard then to the rail or freight is the nightmare.

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I thought all Hellcats were considered Jailbreaks for 23
All Hellcats are Jailbreaks but not all Jailbreaks are Redeyes.
There is a 717hp base model Hellcat Jailbreak (NB and WB) and the 807 Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak (NB and WB).

This will be on the test!
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