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Custom PCM & TCM tune & drive modes

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So I recently got a PCM & TCM tune on my car. it makes 795rwhp (lots of fun) i always drive in custom mode. trans - track, traction- off, and suspension in street. it feels very fast and responsive in that mode which i love. i drove tonight in auto mode just to see and that was all street mode. the cars power felt like a golf cart. after doing a pull there was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy less torque feeling and it just felt slow. and then after going back into custom it felt better but then it just felt off. i restated the car, loaded back up into custom and bam it felt back to normal again. maybe i’m just imagining things? or is there some truth to what i’m saying?
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So, a dyno showed 795, but your seat-of-the-pants says it's a lot less?
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