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Customer build: 700+ WHEEL HP on 93 octane with just injectors and upper pulley!!

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Hello all!

I put together a tried and true Pump Gas package awhile back for Hellcats and have seen very good and safe results. When this customer reached out to me about modifying his TRX LE, I applied the same knowledge/experience I have from the Hellcats to the TRX. This was the first Trackhawk/TRX we have done and I did not expect it to put out this much power to ALL FOUR WHEELS! I have yet to see any TRX’s on an AWD dyno let alone one that makes 700+ to ALL FOUR!!

Plan X Performance Pump Gas Maxx Package:
*Litens 2.85” upper pulley
*Pinned crank/stock lower pulley
*FIC 1000cc injectors
*FI Interchillers blower spacer/blanket kit
*JLT catch can with 3oz extension (makes it 6oz capacity total)
*Denso IKH22 spark plugs
*Unlocked PCM, security bypass cable and tuning done with HPTuners in collaboration with MundyTuned

Customer wanted to add a couple parts for more sound: BWoody Performance CAI kit and AWE 0FG Black Diamond tip exhaust

If you are interested in getting this package or any other performance modifications done, shoot me a DM on here or send me an email to: [email protected]

0-60 results will be posted soon :)

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I'mk not familiar with those. What is it stock, 600-ish like the cars?
580ish being RWD with the front driveshaft pulled is what I’ve seen multiple times

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I see no location of the company and no prices on parts & installation.
Makes it difficult to do business like that.
Columbus, Ohio

As stated at the end of the post, if interested in getting a quote, please send me a DM or email at [email protected]

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Do you all have a website? I googled your shop but nothing came up other than an Instagram account.
Yes I do!

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That made me understand the difference between a website and a webpage...
Not sure what you mean. I don’t have that much free time to dedicate to working on the website. I am a one man show and am busy with customers and their builds!!

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