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Cyber Monday, The FINAL Day Of Savings!

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Cyber Monday, The FINAL Day Of Savings!
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Has anyone ever broken one of the billet rear ends?
To the best of my knowledge from the track I do not know or have heard of anyone breaking This Diff from AJ
I was at HHP a couple of weeks ago and saw a Very Fasst ( low 8s) Hellcat on the lift with one installed. I was impressed just looking at how you can see strength in how this is Built.

Linda :)
Also, TBH, why anyone looks at any other aftermarket supercharger setups when this is now available from HHP is beyond me. I do not think anyone else has the combination of size, updated lobe profile, and CFD tech in their overall design that Whipple does. It is, in effect, double-aftercooled, also. The aftercooler bricks, are, as someone on this forum noted, truly large.

That's Right! The double cooling system is very efficent.
The Whipple is smaller then the discontinued KB 4.2, buts puts out equivalent boost.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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