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I have Charger SRT Hellcat. A couple of weeks ago, my D1s Bulb was producing yellow dim light. I contacted my mechanic to come and see what has happened, and I found out that the bulb has failed. I needed a new one so did the research & found this online store D1S Bulb | Brightest Xenon HID Replacement Bulbs need suggestions and advice, which brands' bulb would do the best job and which one should I buy?

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I would go with the Phillips personally.
I stay away from the cheap bulbs.
The Osram would be the next best in those choices.
You can get the D1S bulb at an auto parts store also if you need one right away.

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Have they been following me?

I quote:

"Well if you A) don't mind the price, B) wan't [sic] the brightest possible option, and C) don't really care much about cooler color temps in the 5-6000K range, then these are right for you. Put differently: They are for the dude whose serious about driving in all-weather conditions, doesn't give a shit about looking 'cool', and only buys the best parts for their car. "

I specifically chose them, because unlike the less-knowledgeable or less-caring, I wanted more sunlight-leaning light color, because light in the violet and blue part of the spectrum does very little to light things up so human beings can see them, and it has the added effect of causing night blindness more than the light from the longer-wavelength end of the spectrum, good for me and the oncoming traffic.
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