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Daily Driven '17 White Knuckle Charger Hellcat

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Over the past 13 years, I have owned and built the following vehicles:
  • '17 Dodge Charger Hellcat
  • '16 Ford Explorer Sport
  • '15 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
  • '15 Ford Focus ST *SOLD
  • '15 Ford Mustang GT (Whipple Supercharged)
  • '12 Ford F150 FX4 Ecoboost *SOLD
  • '11 Ford Mustang GT (Whipple Supercharged) *SOLD
  • '08 Dodge Caliber SRT *SOLD
  • '07 Ford Mustang GT *SOLD
  • '05 Ford Mustang GT (Kenne Bell Supercharged) *SOLD

I have learned quite a bit over this time, but I'm stepping into new grounds with this car! Luckily I've stumbled across this great site, and have been spending quite a bit of time reading up and using the search function! I thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my build thread, and hope you'll take a minute to check in from time to time. I purchased my Hellcat on April 29th, 2017.

2017 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
White Knuckle Exterior Paint
Black Laguna Leather w/ Hellcat Logo
Power Convenience Group
Harman Kardon Audio
Brass Monkeys
Summer Tires

Mod List:
  • Legmaker Cold Air Intake
  • Corsa Extreme Catback w/ Black Tips
  • AirLift Performance 3P Management System
  • Universal Air Bags and Brackets (Powdercoated)
  • Viair Dual 440c Stealth Compressors
  • BecauseBags Universal Stepped Mount
  • Specialty Suspension 4 Gallon Seamless Tank (Powdercoated)
  • BlackVue DR650-2CH
  • Dr Stitch Headrest Covers
  • Weebz Hellcat Emblems
  • Hellcat Puddle Lights
  • Hellcat Valve Stem Caps
  • Diode Dynamics Interior LEDs
  • AnchorRoom Side Marker Tint
  • Dead Pedal
Stock Photos:

The car is amazing in stock trim. Although the Charger Hellcat weighs more, and also has quite a bit less horsepower than my Mustang, I still find the power exhilarating! This is the first time I've had an auto car since I learned to drive manual. I've always stuck with manual cars for my performance vehicles as well. The fact that my entire family can now enjoy my crazy passion is such an upside!

This auto is a complete work horse! I absolutely love the slap shift feature! I hardly ever use the paddle shifters, but I really enjoy slapping that shifter around in manual mode.

These different drive modes change the manners of the car entirely! Track Mode with Street Suspension is basically how I have my Custom setting configured. The Track Mode downshifts are a bit aggressive for stop and go traffic in town, but it also reminds me of what I am driving.

I've always had an attention to detail with my previous builds, and I suspect this will be no different.

I do have plans to run Accuair E-Level Management, Dual Compressors and an Endo VT Tank. I'd really like to utilize the Bilstein struts and keep the adjustable electronic damping. Stay tuned for updates on this!

Follow along as this build progresses, and be sure to leave your feedback! I'm excited to carve my way into the Mopar family with this build.

Current Build:

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WOW, both your cars are stunning especially that 4-door. Great pics.
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Congrats! Charger Hellcat is an awesome beast! Wild to mild and back again!!!
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I enjoyed your post and write up about your Beautiful Charger and the progression of the build you are working on!


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WOW, both your cars are stunning especially that 4-door. Great pics.
Thank you very much! I'm excited to see how the Hellcat treats me!

How do you like the corsa?
I love it on my Mustang, and I'll let you know once it gets here for the Hellcat. I ordered it last week.

Welcome to the forum ;-)
Welcome to you as well! I'm looking forward to building along side of you again!

Congrats! Charger Hellcat is an awesome beast! Wild to mild and back again!!!
Thank you very much! It sure is a beast!

I enjoyed your post and write up about your Beautiful Charger and the progression of the build you are working on!


Thank you Linda! More pictures and stories to come!
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It didn't take long before I had the itch to make this Hellcat feel more at home in my garage. In order to do so, I had to do something about those side markers. What an eyesore! I reached out to my friend Jason at AnchorRoom and picked up a set of side marker tint. Simple install, and what a difference it made! I also had the windows ceramic tinted.

Now that I had it feeling a bit more comfortable with the tint and the sidemarkers cleaned up a bit, I really started looking into which intake would be best for me. I had considered the Bwoody and the Legmaker. I am familiar with Bwoody from my time with my Caliber SRT, but that wasn't enough to win me over. This decision was based purely on aesthetics, and I'm very happy with my decision to run the Legmaker intake.

The install was quite familiar. If you've installed one intake, you've pretty much earned your bachelor's in cold air intake installation. Obviously the air duct is the hardest part of the install, but with a nick name of "Strongarm", I was able to make quick work of demolishing the duct and pulled the carcass out without breaking a sweat. Flawless fitment, and great craftsmanship on this intake.

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As much as I like the OEM emblems that came on the car, I felt that some new badges would be a great way to change things up in a subtle way.

I trusted in the works of the highly regarded Weebz and went with a set if their Gloss Black emblems. They are slightly bigger than the OEM emblems, which is awesome, and the change over to an aluminum piece was nice!

The stock exhaust on the Hellcat is nice and throaty, but I was not a fan of the drone. I decided to go with the Corsa Extreme Catback with Black Tips. The fit and finish on these kits is phenomenal! Nice deep idle, subtle increase of a deep rolling tone, and of course zero drone! Wide Open Throttle is where it really shines! Video to come, but here are the tips.

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Looks great. I just ordered a pair of the carbon weebz cat heads. Look forward to getting them on.
Do the tips stock out far on the exhaust or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Car looks great
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