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Dealer moving rebates back?

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I traded my Redeye in back in March and expect my Super stock this month. I have seen in a post how I can maybe get the March rebate but can not find the link... Please provide any information if you can. it is about 6k difference. I hate throwing away free Money.

I know this requires some work on the dealership,
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No they told me they could not lock them in. I thought there was a post on another thread saying how you could get them to go back to order date/// I could have been wrong and not the end of the world. I will just put 5k more down
From my dealer.


I just got off the phone with Chrysler.

As long as we report it exactly how your information is on the order build, we will be able to give you the $6000 in incentive. "

Win in my book and good to see a dealer working with some one!!
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