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Dealers who are stand up guys

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I have 3 Hellcats ordered at 3 different dealers and all 3 dealers seem to be the same, no word not update and I sent them the link of Dodge warning dealers...Please post any and every dealer you can as this 5 month wait at 3 different dealers is crazy!! Thanks in advance
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If you have 3 Hellcats ordered at 3 different dealers then you ARE the problem.
I ordered one and waited 2 months, then called a dealer out of state and told him the issue, he said he would be glad to place an order and whichever one got picked up and a vin then I would cancel the other one. My wife wants one as well so I ordered from another dealer willing to do MSRP since the other 2 dealers seem to not have a clue what is going one. I have ordered a Shelby every year and never have a problem with Ford when it comes to a specialty car. So I want 2 Challengers and might be wanting a HC Charger as well. That's why I asked for a few dealer leads if you may know. Thanks for thinking someone trying to spend 180k as a problem!!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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