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Dealers who are stand up guys

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I have 3 Hellcats ordered at 3 different dealers and all 3 dealers seem to be the same, no word not update and I sent them the link of Dodge warning dealers...Please post any and every dealer you can as this 5 month wait at 3 different dealers is crazy!! Thanks in advance
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Merrick Dodge in Long Island are the best I ever dealt with. The promised my Hellcat Charger at MSRP and delivered it as such. No games. Nice and professional - it was a pleasure to deal with them. They have 1 other awaiting delivery for someone and no other orders as of me writing this. You can be #2 on the list at MSRP.
Again - thank you Mike and Joe at Merrick Dodge for exceeding my expectation and proving there are some really great people in the world who care about customer satisfaction.

I still curse Town and Country in LI for pulling out if the Hellcat deal with some lame excuse but to con me out of more money.
and I curse you Westbury Dodge for trying to con me out of $10,000 on a factory order for my 2012 Superbee. Your Superbee sat in your lot for 6 months you greedy bastards - you both could have had customers for life. Now the Hellcat will curse both of you for eternity.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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