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Dealership kept driving my car while overheating

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I noticed my car was overheating. It got up to 230° And once I noticed that I put it in neutral and let the air cool my car down a little bit. I had my car towed to the dealership for some work. They informed me that my water pump is out. After they fix the water pump they drove my car and said it was still overheating. The dealership said that they were bringing my car in again to diagnose at a later time. The next day I text to Dealership and they informed me that a technician took the car out again to make sure it was overheating. Some time went by and they informed me that the head gasket is blown. I feel like they drove my car a couple more times than necessary and they caused that damage. I could just see someone 10 miles away from the dealership and my car is overheating and they are worried about getting back so they don’t stop. I need advice!! Car is a 19 hellcat challenger with 20,000 miles
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A blown head gasket will over-pressurize the cooling system faster than the radiator cap can vent it. That excess pressure will pop radiators, split header tanks, pop heater cores, AND blow out the water pump shaft seal. I've seen all those happen over the years. So the dealer sees a bad water pump and replaces it, unaware that its seal let go from the excess pressure. Head gaskets don't get better they get worse, really quickly. And then that problem becomes evident.
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