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Congrats to our last winner of 2018 -

Kowalski's Ghost

Current mods / parts list:

UPR fender-mount catch can. Keeps the can away from heat. Dodge Hellcat Demon Fender Catch Can 6.2L Plug N Play �
Bwoody Velocity Intake. BWoody Hellcat 5" Velocity Plus Intake (2015-2016), Cold Air Intake Induction | BWP Automotive Concepts
Bwoody Velocity stack. BWoody 2.0 - Hellcat Velocity Stack, Challenger Hellcat | BWP Automotive Concepts
Genpartsco DIPS x 2. BUY IT NOW
Bwoody billet idler pulley. BWoody Anti-Slip idler Pulley, Engine | BWP Automotive Concepts
Bwoody suspension kit (poly bushings, Spohn trailing arms). BWoody Hellcat Suspension Package, Suspension | BWP Automotive Concepts
Dodge Demon springs. Suspension / Driveshaft / Axles
Speedlogix Front Strut Brace.
BMR Cradle lock out kit. SCB110 - Bushing Kit, Rear Cradle Lockout | 2008 - 2018 Dodge Challenger | Rear Cradle Bushing Kits | BMR Suspension - High Performance Suspension & Chassis
BMR Adjustable Toe rods (Delrin / rod). 2008 - 2018 Dodge Challenger Suspension | Toe Rods | BMR Suspension Products & Parts
BMR subframe connector kit. 2008 - 2018 Dodge Challenger Chassis | Sub Frame Connectors | BMR Suspension Products & Parts
Hotchkis hollow front sway bar. 2008+ Challenger Sport Sway Bar Set from Hotchkis Sport Suspension
APR front splitter CF. APR Performance CW-723151 | Challenger SRT HellCat Wind Splitter Carbon Fiber; 2015-2017
ZL1 Addons diffuser (additional info: new bolts, spacers to correct angle if using diff brace). NEW FOR MOPAR
Metco breather valve. Valve Cover Breather, : Metco Motorsports
Metco 2.5 pulley / hub. Hellcat Supercharger Pulley, : Metco Motorsports
ATI -10 Superdamper. ATI Super Dampers for Chrysler, Dodge and Mopar Engines - including the new HEMI!
HHP Crank pin.
QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft (1500 HP). Hellcat Carbon Fiber Driveshafts | 2015-2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat REV Series Drive Shaft | QA1
GForce Outlaw axles. 2015+ Mopar Hellcat, SRT, Scat Pack Outlaw Axles, Left and Right | GForce Engineering
BMR driveshaft safety loop.* Free Shipping on all BMR Suspension packages!
Per4mance Diff Brace.
Powerstop Z26 ceramic brake pads (*really* gets rid of the brake dust). Z26 Extreme Performance New Formulation Brake Pads | Power Stop
HHP 180 thermostat.
Gates Green Belt (for use with ATI).
Fore Innovations fuel rails.
Unlocked PCM (HP Tuners). New Dodge Modified PCMs – HPTuners
Injected Engineering dual pump drop-in fuel system for E85 Flex Tune. 2013-2017 Dodge Hellcat Gasohol Fuel System
Injected Engineering PCM / TCM tune (remote).
ID 1300x Injectors. ID1300x² Injectors - Injector Dynamics
Innovate Motorsports 4-in-1 Boost with gauge Ethanol sensor. ECB-1 (BOOST) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Brisk ER14S spark plugs (.025 gapped). Brisk Silver Racing ER14S Spark Plug | Brisk Silver Spark Plugs
Stainless Works catless midpipes. 2015-18 HEMI 3" Off-Road Mid Pipes
Dynomax Mini Racing Bullets. Race Series Mini Bullet - Round - P/N: 24250
Ported Throttle Body (Oversized 95mm +4mm Half Shaft). 5.7L 6.1L 6.4L Hemi V8 Throttle Bodies - The Fastman
Port-matched SC Snout. CAP Chapman Auto Performance
Moroso Extended Coolant Tank. Moroso® - Coolant Expansion Tank
Forced Induction Interchiller system (Race with competition solanoid). Interchillers | FI Interchillers
Forced Induction Drag Pack upgrade. Drag Pack Upgrade | FI Interchillers
EMP / PNR 7-gallon ice tank / coolant reservoir. Hellcat / Trackhawk Icebox
K-Flex insulation sheet for reservoir tank, 1". K-Flex USA 6RSX3X4100 Insul-Sheet, 1" x 3' x 4', 12 sq. ft. Flat Sheet: Industrial & Scientific
Stewart EMP reprogrammed pump WP32 4600 with mounting bracket (auxiliary high-flow pump for auxiliary tank / interchiller system; welded two 16AN bungs). Welcome to PNRWelding, custom built intercooler tanks and fuel cells.
Earl's Performance Pro-Lite Ultra Hose AN-16 (braided nylon with inner stainless braid, anti-condensation).
Earl's Performance fittings (AN-16).
XRP fittings (AN-16/12). #16 to #12 90 Deg DBL Swivel Hose End BL
Z Automotive Tazer. Tazer
Tazer Auxiliary Buttons (functional buttons, mapped to Engine Cooling, Line Lock, custom SRT mode). Aux Buttons
Weld 17 x 10" Beadlock rear wheels.
Race Star Dark Star 18x5 front wheels. 18x5 92 Drag Star Hellcat Black Chrome 92-850445DSD - Race Star Industries
Race Star Dark Star 17x9.5 rear wheels (spare setup). 17x9.5 92 Drag Star Dodge Black Chrome 92-795452DSD - Race Star Industries
MT ET Street R 305/45-17 rear tires.
M&H Front Runner Radial. 4.5/28R17 Radial Front NEW!
Battery Tender Plus 1.25A. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger is a Smart Charger, it will Fully Charge and Maintain a Battery at Proper Storage Voltage without the Damaging Effects Caused by Trickle Chargers: BATTERY TENDER: Automotive


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Congratulations on the win and the nice action shots!

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Congratulations. Beautiful Challenger Hellcat. Well deserved!
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