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Demon #0674 Looking for Crate Box

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looking for Demon Crate Box for car # 0674.
It was posted for sale a few weeks ago in
Jupiter Florida and I’m trying to track it down. Anyone have any information on where it might be now? I just bought the
Black Demon car # 0674 on 11/24/21 and the crate for sale was for this car.
appreciate any help tracking it down.
contact me at : [email protected]
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$10k? Going rate? IDK. Ive seen them on the forums for a lot less than that. People can ask a million bucks if they want but going rate is usually different than actual asking prices. I’ll have to do a search and find the last one or two that I saw. I know OP is looking for a very specific one so he may or may not overpay. Here’s an example but two small things are missing. I'm sure they're getting harder to find.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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