Selling Front Hellcat Demon Performance (Girodisc) rotors and OE Hellcat Rear rotors, as well as Front and Rear Demon Performance (Girodisc) Magic brake pads. The condition of all four rotors and all four brake pads are NEW, never been used, never been put on the vehicle.

The front Demon Performance rotors weigh 24.4 lbs. compared to the Hellcats front stock rotors weighing 31 lbs. This will reduce rotational and unsprung weight allowing the car to feel quicker and more nimble. The Demon Performance rotors also offer additional cooling benefits extracting more heat away due to their design.

The Girodisc Magic brake pads have similar oem Brembo bite if not better while providing much less brake dust. These are very good quality rotors and pads and fits all year model Hellcats. I’m selling them locally in Palm Beach County, South Florida. Pm me and let me know if interested. $2,500 or best offer.

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