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Wondering is anyone can help me out / give me some information.
I'm purchasing / doing some rear suspension components to get better traction on my Redeye.
First thing that I bought was the so called OEM Demon springs from Steve White Motors.
Anything I can find ( part numbers ) at any of the Mopar warehouses isn't saying Demon spring.
Are these actually OEM Dodge Demon springs like their ad is saying ?

Two springs @ #68316055AB
Two springs @ #68316056AB

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I'm not sure. I have the HHP Hellcat Drag Race Springs which are modeled after the Demon Springs. They do help with Transferring the weight during the Launch. I was T&T the R&D Springs. I know have the ones installed by HHP which is what Track testing showed to be the best.
I copied the image over because counting the twist loops SW's have less than the HHP's so I am thinking you are correct.
Here is another site I use for stock parts.

Enter the part number on your Springs in their search bar and see if it matches.

Linda :)

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