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I have been waiting on Nitto tires. I reached out to MT for info. Here is what I got from them:



I would either recommend our ET Street S/S tire if the cars mainly going to be on the road, with some light track use, or if it is going to be more track oriented with light street us our ET Street R tires. However, we do not offer your stock size, so the only options would either be a 305/35R18 (p/n 3480) in the ET Street S/S or a 305/45R18 (p/n 3580) in the ET Street R. Both of these tires will accommodate the factory width of your OE wheels, but you would want to verify if the dimensions on either tire will clear your suspension and body on the vehicle.

ET Street R
ET Street® R

ET Street S/S
ET Street® S/S

We do list the dimensions of either size at the links above so you have all the information to verify clearance. They are both readily available at our distributors, specifically

Thank you,
1 - 14 of 14 Posts