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Demon Wanted

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I know the Demon folks are a tight network. I am looking for a Demon if anyone is contemplating selling in the future. I have a Super Stock and 1320. Demon would complete the package. I would "prefer" the following options, but not a deal breaker, sunroof and HD stereo. Must have crate intact or expect a substantial price hit.
I know what they are worth, I won't pay stupid money, but anticipate paying what the car is worth. I have cash and time.
If you are considering selling, auctioning or otherwise, let me know and we can engage in earnest conversation regarding a deal on the right car. You will know your car is going to an enthusiast/collector who will enjoy it often and it can live out its life next to its cousins, the SS and 1320.
No thrashed, modded projects. Rear diff mods accepted. I would like a well respected car that was driven and enjoyed by it's owner. Garage queens won't see a price bump here. Location not important.

Thanks in advance. 775Cat
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Seem to be inline with what values were last month, I don't expect the Demon owners will be letting go for under $130K anymore.

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That's a $40K spread on the relative same car, Demons are going this way.

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SORRY OP, just realized I hijacked your thread: Good Luck

Yeah, with Demons though just getting a "Bone Stock" for $130K is a good price in this environment. If you have the means, then waiting until one comes along to your spec may be a better option. I found my price point for value with the 23's, it's a bloodbath being driven by speculation and sucks for the guys here that wanted to trade theirs in or finally move up from a Scat. I think I really dodged a bullet when I was considering paying $100K for one, now I think they should be around $85-$90K for top end optioned SS, RE, JB around $80K for HC optioned out. Instead, we get the end of era stickers and here come the speculators.

I don't think you can place all the blame on TK's shoulders, but this seems to be really treading on their faithful's toes. The MOPAR or NO CAR crowd is not pleased with anything that's happened in the last six months. How many people 'excited' about EV gives a hoot about Dodge and it's history, it's association with NHRA, had posters of R/T's and Superbirds. They were practically apologizing for the introduction of the Hornet. "We had to get into this segment", that's not exactly 'our engineers like to stay late and started working on this because they loved it soooo much.... '

The Hornet is currently Dodge's backbone, the Banshee/Daytona Ch is also a gamble, Notice the attachment of the NAMES. It's getting a HARD entry into the market segment. This was developed quick, and I mean fast. I really don't dislike it and I must grudgingly agree I would drive it over others, if I knew what it will actually cost and some history on how it holds up. Buying Dodge's 1st EV is being Dodge's guineapig. Delaminating screens, power voltage issue under certain conditions, PCM bugs needing patches, etc. What happens with battery life overtime and when will I have to replace it? If you knew in 8 years you would have to replace your engine, would you be excited about that car? Shut up racers :p.

Durango is not going to be around much longer and isn't a standout in its segment for sales. the HC version is a novelty, Dodge isn't selling enough of them to make a significant impact and they are going away also.

That leaves the Straight six turbo, some hybrid Challenger, Avenger, whatever. Whatever their next big thing is, it's going to be an interesting next three years for them. I believe they have around nine years left to prove viability.
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