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Demon Wanted

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I know the Demon folks are a tight network. I am looking for a Demon if anyone is contemplating selling in the future. I have a Super Stock and 1320. Demon would complete the package. I would "prefer" the following options, but not a deal breaker, sunroof and HD stereo. Must have crate intact or expect a substantial price hit.
I know what they are worth, I won't pay stupid money, but anticipate paying what the car is worth. I have cash and time.
If you are considering selling, auctioning or otherwise, let me know and we can engage in earnest conversation regarding a deal on the right car. You will know your car is going to an enthusiast/collector who will enjoy it often and it can live out its life next to its cousins, the SS and 1320.
No thrashed, modded projects. Rear diff mods accepted. I would like a well respected car that was driven and enjoyed by it's owner. Garage queens won't see a price bump here. Location not important.

Thanks in advance. 775Cat
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Good looking Demon
Very true about the intake tube.
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