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A friend recently blew the rear end on his Demon at launch at the local1/8 mile strip. So as to try to protect against the same experience, I recently purchased and installed a $550 Per4mance DIRS 2-piece differential brace on my Demon. Tracked the car the other day, hooked well and ran a 6.5, 108 mph, 1.4 60ft on my first pass, being near the best I've run with my no-mod Demon on M&H slicks. Second, third and fourth passes developed progressively worse wheel hop. Looking under the car at the track it doesn't appear anything broke. Curious to know if anyone with a Demon has had similar wheel hop issues after installing the DIRS brace? Might be time for some fresh rears, but I don't know if that might be the cause starting and just between such few passes and after a good first run. Thanks.
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Did you install their Race Brace that goes on the front of the Diff with the Diff Brace? I’m assuming you used the latest P4D brace? The front brace helped with wheel hop for me, keeps the front of the Diff from bobbing up and down.
Yes, I installed the latest version, the 2-piece unit that included the front portion that bolts on to brace.
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The Race Brace is another part, mounts with the front Diff bolts, it’s like a strap that holds the front of the Diff up and keeps it from oscillating up and down further helping to prevent wheel hop.
Per4mance Development Billet Race Brace for 2015-newer V8 Chargers/Challengers/300 RWD
No sorry, I misunderstood. I did not buy the additional $200 front strap. I've got about 75 passes on the car and only after the brace install have I experienced any wheel hop.
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Wheel hop is cause by spinning and grabbing. Just don't spin! Simple no?

I think your car was going to hop anyways. Diff brace is not the best thing to eliminate wheel hop. I think they make kits for that and I don't think they include a brace. So, maybe you WOULD HAVE broke if you did not have the brace.

I have a lot of friends that run that brace and NONE of them Hop.

To eliminate wheel hop in a pinch you need to drastically INCREASE or DECREASE the traction. Wheel hop is cause by being in that sweet spot in between and the suspension and cradle flexing.

Your OWN example you had no issue at first when the track was on point. Nothing wrong with the car. It was the TRACK or your setup (tire pressure, burnout length, launch style and launch RPM).

SUPER IMPORTANT: Re Torque those 2 verticle 12mm bolts. DO IT!
Yes, thanks, I noted the re-torque requirement in the install instructions at 100 miles. The two verticals definitely needed another wrenching.
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