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A friend recently blew the rear end on his Demon at launch at the local1/8 mile strip. So as to try to protect against the same experience, I recently purchased and installed a $550 Per4mance DIRS 2-piece differential brace on my Demon. Tracked the car the other day, hooked well and ran a 6.5, 108 mph, 1.4 60ft on my first pass, being near the best I've run with my no-mod Demon on M&H slicks. Second, third and fourth passes developed progressively worse wheel hop. Looking under the car at the track it doesn't appear anything broke. Curious to know if anyone with a Demon has had similar wheel hop issues after installing the DIRS brace? Might be time for some fresh rears, but I don't know if that might be the cause starting and just between such few passes and after a good first run. Thanks.
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I would consider these arms too.

I elimited wheel hop with these in addition to those two braces.
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