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Deposit down on Jailbreak!!!!

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I’m pumped. Here she is. My dream car.

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I’m in NJ and couldn’t find a dealer here that didn’t want an ADM. I found a dealer in PA that did the order for MSRP. I must have called 40 dealers even in Idaho! That dealer is the largest dealer by volume and they stated they get 2 allocations for jailbreaks per month. And they wanted 5k over MSRP to order. They wouldn’t budge I told them I had an offer for 2k over MSRP if they would match it. They said No get lost. Lol
Called dealer yesterday. Was told order was accepted but no VIN yet.
Don’t hold your breath!
Well after waiting go for 4 months in BX dealer finally got an allocation and I’m in D with a VIN now. It’s going to happen. 😀
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