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Diag Code P023B for I/C temps

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I have a ‘21 HC Redeye Charger 6.1k miles this P023B code pops up I Google it apparently my I/C is on the fritz im still learning the car ins ands outs especially through the Pro Pages there specifically since this code is for my I/C temps I like to know what are the normal ranges for this particularly.

I only drive in track mode I haven’t noticed a problem or significant difference in performance other then temps get up to mid 130s low 140s not beating on it from 110s after a bit of warming up the hottest I seen it get was mid 170s but was testing the waters ran hard roll racing few pulls but cooled down without utilizing none the race cooldown options just to see if it would naturally cool and it did by 40 degrees after sitting for 2 hrs.

Only went to one dealer so far they tried to say it was my Aux Coolant Pump which they wouldn’t warranty @$2.8k completely none related to the active code said I fix that and then it should clear other code when to my belief there not related whomever please advise what is what n help me out until my next dealership appointment.
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Have you tried driving the car in the default or sport mode to validate the fault?
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