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Diff brace- Necessary for a stock 2019 Cat?

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I go to the track often usually anywhere between 2-4 times a month and race on my 305-35-20 Nitto 555R2 drag radials. I'm waiting for my 17" track wheels to come in and will get some MT tires on them.

I'm looking into a DIRS diff brace and trying to decide whether it's necessary for my car since it's stock power and keeping it that way since it has factory warranty on it. My Cat is a 2019, I'm not quite sure if it has the same driveshaft and stuff as the earlier 15 models or if it has been upgraded.

I'm aware getting a diff brace technically does void warranty and would have to remove it before bringing it to service as that seems to be the way to have your cake and eat it too. I'm also aware it seems like dealerships aren't so willing to want to cover any kind of damage related to a differential and or driveshaft. I figure I protect the car for what it's worth as it seems like in racing it's not a matter if, it's a matter when.

Let me know your opinions if I need a diff brace or not?
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Highly recommended with drag radials. Reduces wheel hop. Worth the $
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Anything else you noticed with the diff brace by chance? Just out of curiosity does the car feel more planted and have better traction with it on vs without?
I can only speak to the reduced wheel hop.
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