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Direct connection tune and P1400?

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I've asked a couple of people and also replied to a thread on this site with a dealership and haven't been able to get an answer yet. Figured I'd officially ask here incase anyone knows before I start calling around this week.

Wanting to know if the Direct Connection performance tunes associated with the 3.1 pulley officially unlucks the computer. If so, wondering if it will still throw the P1400 code or if, since it's a factory tune and part, the P1400 wouldn't be triggered. I've heard rumors that Demons will throw the code if the tune from the crate is installed but have never seen it so can't confirm that is the case.

I know these aren't for sale yet but seems like some of yall have connections with people in the know so maybe they would know already.
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Though I have no personal experience, I recall some conversations that if the dealer has to swap the PCM which could/would trigger the P1400 code, but because it is annotated in service records that the PCM was swapped, the warranty is not void. I could only assume the stage programming upgrades may fall under the same lines.

Are they able to detect the date which it was triggered? That's a good question too. I am curious to real answers to your question too.
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