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Direct Connection Widebody Kit on 2015 SRT392

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Hi folks,
I recently decided to get the widebody upgrade to my 2015 SRT392. After looking at the prices on newer Scat Packs, this still worked out to be a better way for me to get the bigger wheels. I also get to keep all three SRT modes, the HK stereo, and keep the sweet B5 Blue. I had the work done at Dick Hannah Body Shop in Vancouver WA. They were great to work with, and the body work and paint job was beautiful. As advertised, 315's fit cleanly in the front and back, and I'm super happy with the result. I thought some of you may be considering it, and wanted to share that it worked out very well for me.

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Iastone22R, the parts alone are $4500. I had the installation and paint done at the dealer, and they blended the paint with adjacent panels, so the total was much more in the end. But, if you're good with body work or paint you could save some.

Spartacus, yes. The front fenders are pure replacements. But they cut out the quarter panels on the rear.
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Thanks everyone! Yes, I'm real happy with it.

Yes, likely in the neighborhood of $10k all in. Again, this was dealership install and body work, so if you've got someone you know you can trust, you may be able to do better on install price.

WVHEMIS guessed it. Those are the bronze replicas from Discount Tire, 20x11.
Please note that while they do look good, this is -not- a clean match for the Brass Monkey color.

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I'm using Black Gorilla locking lug nuts, based on recommendations in this forum.

Tires are 315/35/R20 Michelin PS4S, which I am very fond of. 305s are significantly cheaper, and I may try those out in the future to see if I can tell the difference.
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