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Do I want adjustable rear suspension?

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I'm going to replace stock arms to tighten the back of my car; I will also install the BMR cradle lockout kit.

Here is a question: why would I want to spend extra on adjustable arms? The car never sees a track, stock hight. Current camber appears to be close to zero (eyeballing it); rear tires wear exceptionally even (which is good, given the silly price of those PS4S 315's ).
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There is no for argument… just against.

It would sorta be like buying a bead lock wheel for a slow drag car. I said sorta cuz that actually does the opposite of what they are trying to do and yer not trying to do anything
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There’s no for argument for those in your case either

Just drive it
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Yeah I did the same thing zeroing the camber with one adjustable link per side but his isn’t lowered and he isn’t getting the adjustable arms. Makes zero sense to me but guys do stuff all the time on here that I do not understand. Race brace. DIRS. Etc. No idea what part really does but put $500 on a credit card without thinking about it

frame it tub it
I would not lock out the cradle in a street car. I think you are wasting your time and money.

Same with the arms

There are threads on here with them failing from aggressive cornering, and threads about binding issues too

Is the diff already locked? That should be number 1 on everyone’s list. Unless they are just putting around and never turn off the tc/esc. How long do those all season 305’s last you?
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