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Do I want adjustable rear suspension?

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I'm going to replace stock arms to tighten the back of my car; I will also install the BMR cradle lockout kit.

Here is a question: why would I want to spend extra on adjustable arms? The car never sees a track, stock hight. Current camber appears to be close to zero (eyeballing it); rear tires wear exceptionally even (which is good, given the silly price of those PS4S 315's ).
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There is NO downside to having adjustable arms...
Mucho dinero... I want to know if it makes sense. The car drives true and straight and the tire wear is perfect as it is. I don't want to spend money on adjustable arms if I end up setting the same angles as before. Also, I really don't want to bring it to a dealer for alignment unless I have to.
Looks like you’ve already answered your own question…twice.
No. I want to hear any valid arguments (if there are any that I'm not aware of) to convince me to spend double or triple.
A possible argument for adjustable arms would look like that: I (or someone I know) installed fixed length aftermarket arms and they were not the same length as stock, so now my geometry is messed up... Or: the stock camber is wrong (you know it because XXX), so you want to change it. Or something else.

BTW, if I go for fixed length arms, it's probably going to be the BMR ones.
Yeah I did the same thing zeroing the camber with one adjustable link per side but his isn’t lowered and he isn’t getting the adjustable arms. Makes zero sense to me but guys do stuff all the time on here that I do not understand.
What exactly makes zero sense to you? Getting arms with less flexible bushings? Asking if there is a good reason to spend extra on adjustable arms? No lowering the car? People write stuff all the time on here that I do not understand...
I would not lock out the cradle in a street car. I think you are wasting your time and money.
Same with the arms
It's is not a real lockout, even though they call it this way: it's actually a milder setup than polyurethane cradle bushings (the rubber bushings stay, but they are very restricted in their movement, so there is only minimal increase in NHV, but the back end in more controlled-- this is according to pretty much everyone who installed the kit).

As for the arms, less squishy bushings should make the geometry more controllable under hard cornering and hard acceleration. I don't need a track to feel the back waiving left and right under hard acceleration, and I can live without the occasional wheel hop. Based on what most people who actually did this mod have to say, I expect improvements in this area.

There are threads on here with them failing from aggressive cornering, and threads about binding issues too
Which ones are you referring to? BMR adjustable? I'm not even considering them...
How long do those all season 305’s last you?
I don't have 305 all season tires: never had and never will, most likely...
lmao. This is confusing. Ask, argue with responses, proclaim car rides great, make points, then argue with yourself... *door closes behind me..
A great contribution. Don't let the door hit you...
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It's ok to just drive a car and not upgrade/ work on it all the time.
Thank you for your input. This is not the question I asked, but hey, you got to post something, right?
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