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Dodge Challenger\Charger assembly to be moved to the US next year sometime

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Goodbye Canadian muscle; Hello American muscle!

Next Dodge Challenger And Charger Ditching Canada For America
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Oh, great. I'm somewhat familiar with the build quality of Ram 1500s (made in the USA) vs. the 2500/3500 models made in Mexico.
Never had any issues with the ones made down there, and it's been quite a few.
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I am not, but I'm guessing that the US Dodge plants have shitty QC?
Judging by one of our Trackhawks and two 1500s, yes they do.
Of course, it wouldn't take much quality control if parts were installed in the first place, and if so, correctly.

I have a somewhat lengthy checklist of things to go over when the TRX arrives. It includes known locations of loose or missing fasteners, and more interesting things such as oil cooler lines that aren't attached correctly.
On the positive side, it'll be trailered home, so any issues can hopefully be addressed before I even drive it on a public road.
Interesting that they don't include rental car agencies (and probably not taxis, either), which would've added a whole lot more Chargers to the sales numbers.
The challenger is a muscle car and the charger is a taxi or a rental car .
There, I fixed it for you.
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I guess that a lot of robots will be in use.
Hopefully the mechanical kind.
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What is it with us and our inability to build a quality vehicle?
I could probably answer that with a 6-letter word, but then I'd risk getting banned (learned that lesson when referring to a virus not as the Alpha variant on a sister forum) .
Also, keep in mind that there are factories here in the USA that does produce quality vehicles.
My 1st amendment rights unfortunately aren't what they used to be.
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