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Dodge Challenger magnetic license plate

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Cant find where to buy this product can any one help Fastys garage presents Dodge Challenger magnetic license plate can't find them anywhere to buy.
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I got info from Facebook: Fasty s Garage - Carrollton Texas - Automotive Customizing Facebook I spoke to them $250 and need to have magnets installed behind bumper/facia locally once you have plate holder. I passed as I did not want to have to mess with the bumper/facia. So far I'm running wild with no front plate, only a matter of time before I get nabbed. :eek:
Hey Hart, you're back. Haven't heard much from you since you got your cat a few weeks ago. How is the kitty doing these days?
The car is fantastic! I have been learning how to drive all over again. Makes for a big change from my 70 Challenger, so much more creature comforts and ease of driving. Have learned to respect the cat, and what it has to offer... in fact I have the SRT track experience this Sunday, should be a good time.

You going to the CSDR show in May?
Be nice to have a gathering of Hellcats there.
Good to ear things are going well. And thanks for the car show info. CSD is not far from me.Won't have a cat by then, but might just check out the event.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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