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This literally ruins the car lol. If I had ANY visual representation I would have sprung for the aluminum ones with the shape I wanted. Calling my dealer to see what can't be done, this is not what I wanted or ordered. I only got a visual representation for the first time yesterday, after the car has already been shipped. Why the **** would they change the stock hellcat tires to this garbage.

*** scat pack wheels on a hellcat??? -_-

Sorry for the language and general lack of etiquette, I am so absolutely disappointed. I am hoping my dealer can get me a set of 22 stock rims OR retroactively upgrade me to the aluminum ones with the shape I want. I don't want that *** bicycle looking shit.
rhase, I don't blame you at all and I agree with you 100%! They ruin the look of the car. Wheels make a HUGE difference in how any car looks, they should know that!
If they would update their damn 'Build & Price" web page to reflect 2023 instead of 2022 we could all see what it was we were getting. I suspect my Jailbreak will have those same goofy looking 10 spoke (by my count) wheels on it too. And I'll have to buy new ones... :mad:
1 - 1 of 131 Posts