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Dodge changed the stock wheels on 23 :(

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Well, tonight I am extremely disappointed after I got a rendering finally showing up beside my order.

This is the car I thought I had ordered:
Wheel Tire Window Vehicle Hood

This is the render:
Wheel Vehicle Tire Window Hood

I apologize to anyone who likes these wheels, everyone has their own tastes, but I am extremely saddened. It dramatically changes the look of the car, and I am just upset with dodge for not having an updated build experience for us to use to order these cars. This is not what I was expecting at all. (The dealer does know to leave the license plate off my car though, so at least there is that! lol).

I'm calling my dealer tomorrow to ask him if it's possible to order a set of '22 stock OEM wheels. It's just honestly killing a lot of the joy of ordering this car for me to have such a prominent feature swapped out from what I was expecting. This was my first ordered car and I can't understate how in love with it I was.

Emphasis on was.

Don't suppose anyone here is near Boston/new england and has very lightly used '22 stock wheels you want to trade? Or does anyone have input on how to get the wheels I wanted?
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I think someone else posted this.....but yes, they now come with the 1320 (or Charger Daytona 392 or Charger Dynamic Package style) "drag" wheels:

More info here in these posts here (881-884):

They "should" have the knurled beads since they're the "drag" wheels perhaps, is my guess.

The 5 spokes do look better though :confused:
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