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Dodge Charger Hellcat 2015 gets throwback colors

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The rumors are true. TorRed and B5 Blue — heritage-inspired colors from the classic Dodge muscle years — are two of 10 bold exterior choices available on the all-new 2015 Dodge Charger.
But that’s just the surface story. Front to rear, nearly every piece of sheet metal has been carefully recrafted for a striking muscular look. For 2015, Charger gets new projector headlamps, LED lighting and a signature split crosshair grille that leads to a menacing double power bulge on the hood.
A sedan that’s anything but sedate. This year’s incarnation is leaner and meaner. New door scallops. A more advanced execution of the seamless LED racetrack taillamp. And a new three-piece spoiler. These new design elements help form a boldly authentic street presence that’s sure to be envied.
The all-new 2015 Dodge Charger. Check out every resculpted angle of this modern marvel of muscle.
The new 2015 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat defines what it means to be Born Dodge. It is the quickest, fastest and most powerful sedan ever1 — with a 707-horsepower supercharged 6.2L SRT® Hellcat HEMI® V8 engine that boasts a 204-mph top speed and blazes through an 11-second quarter mile2. Expanding on the sculpted new exterior of the 2015 model, it features a completely redesigned front fascia with blacked-out upper and lower inserts that feed massive amounts of air to the supercharger coolers.
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But what are the First Production choices?? That is the real question...LOL :rolleyes:
Lol I know right well I hope they learned their lesson with the challenger orders to speed up for orders for the charger
I am going to be ordering the Charger Hellcat and I have been reading some of the different things that people are having difficulty with ordering the Challenger Hellcat. I am a person who likes to do her research and be knowledge when going in to do something I've never done before. My first question is should I go to a local dealer or a dealer that has a high volume of cars? Should I speak to a salesman or a general manager? Also, what kind of deposit are required to have to put your order in? I am hoping all of the kinks are out when we finally get to order them!

Well I plan to order one too when it comes to order banks open day.
I would suggest going to a high volume dealership and one that you have a good relationship with. As for the deposit it depends on the dealership, some are at MSRP, but most are more than likely to mark up $5k or more. Make sure when you speak to a sales rep, get one that seems caring. The nonchalant ones will be a worrisome thing later on. If you can get someone higher up that's even better. Make sure they care about your order.
Welcome to our site by the way and I hope you enjoy your stay. Thanks so much for posting!
The local dealer in my area is a high volume dealership but I've only bought one car from them. My current car I bought from a dealership in MI and everything was done over the phone as I live in GA. I knew the General Manager at one of my local dealerships but he is no longer there. I'm thinking I'm going to call around and see who will be best in handling all of questions when the time comes. Thanks for all of the help!
Hey no problem! Let us know how it all goes. Can't wait to see what kind of hellcat customizations you get
Welcome to the Forum! Good choice on the Hellcat Charger and a good idea to check around. Hellcatdotclub is right, make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to ordering. It seems like a lot of the problems stem from dealers who don't really know what is going on and don't have a good communication line with Dodge. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the forum while you are waiting to order!!:)
Aww shucks
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