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Dodge Hellcat Challenger inventory no longer can be seen

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I have been monitoring almost on a daily bases thru the Dodge website for Hellcats in transit or on the lot. Seems over the weekend, Dodge has made the move to eliminate those sitting on the lots and also what is in transit to the dealer. When February allocations took place I could monitor some dealerships and within a 10-14 day time frame you would see a hellcat's or hellcats in transit. This could be simply a coincidence or just another strategy to keep the customers guessing.

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I was watching it daily as my car was being made. It never showed up on the Dodge site ( due to it being a sold order) but it got added to the dealers inventory site and showed up as "in transit". The dealer had his internet guy remove it after a day and a half. sounds like they had some calls on it and did not want to waste their time. I was happy they removed it since I was afraid somebody would go in there with a huge cash offer and steal it from me.
Agreed, but there were a lot of listings on the inventory showing on the lost and when I call, it was just sold, go figure, seems to be a trend
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