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I had a problem with my passenger side HID head light going out, I checked the Fuses and they looked good (FYI 15 & 16 on the front block) I changed the HID at a cost of $130 for one. I had to watch videos on how to do it but the easiest way was:
turn the wheel in on the side your changing and remove 2 front pins.
put one hand in through the skirt and one hand in form the top.
remove the outer cap.
twist the white retaining clip ccw with one finger from each hand. (its that tight).
move the clip from the old light to the new. (paying attention to the clips canted position, must be exactly the same or it will not go back on)
revers these steps on installation.

But back to the meat of this post the new HID worked for one night then went out again, I checked the fuses again and thought it must have been a bad HID. Got another one and pugged it in and it didn't work, brand new. I looked on line and this is a common problem with these HIDs, the Fuses will get burnt but not pop. I change out what looked to be a good 20A fuse and the head light worked again. I put in the first original light back and returned the other 2. Had to show the parts shop they worked but $4 for the mini low pro fuses is way better then the $260 in HIDs.

The only thing I could see on the fuse was l light brown spot on one side, you would not even notice.

Hope this helps someone else.

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I swap fuses 15 and 16 and the driver side works but the passenger side still doesn’t the dealer says there’s a short so I’m not sure if I try to fix the short or get a new head light also I saw someone saying they had to replace the whole fuse box and he paid over 3k
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