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How can that be since there were "29" allocations and they have built 9 so far? Then the number should be 20 remaining. That's not even counting any orders that are awaiting D status and a VIN assignment.
They added allocations to the NBREJB. I kept track of the last few locator updates also. The dealers added were new dealers that didn't exist in the previous locator searches. Meadows (5 new allocations) is new and wasn't listed with any allocations until last update and is what changed it from 21 (two updates ago) to 26 remainig on the current update. Charger REJB were increased as well. However also note, some dealers allocated cars don't seem to get removed even when the allocation is ordered - my order was sent and accepted and got the email in 3 days, but dealer wasn't removed for 4+ weeks on power locator...
1 - 1 of 147 Posts