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Dodge Power Broker Greeting/ Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

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The Nyle Maxwell Supercenter is now the Hub for the upcoming Direct Connection/ Dodge Power Broker program for the Austin & Central Texas areas!! We are staging up to provide quality performance parts AND service all at once!!! The program is scheduled to be released by the end of December…..we WILL be ready. You can also follow us on Instagram: dodgepowerbrokers_austin. Until then…..Never Lift!!!!
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Great seeing my local dealership as a power broker. 2 questions.

- 1st - will yall be doing the same below invoice cost on order vehicles as the other vendors on this site? Look at possible order of a charger for my wife and would love to save the drive and go local.

- 2nd - are their any factory dodge power packs for a 15 HC? I see packages for the red eyes but haven't seen anything for the older cars.
1. I’ve tried to see where other dealerships are doing the 5% below invoice. The only one that I’ve seen was KOONS Tysons out of VA. Do you happen to know of others particularly in Texas?

2. YES, your ‘15 HC should take to the Direct Connection Tuner Kit just fine.
The other location is in Kentucky with Hellcat Jesus on this site. Nobody in Texas, yet that I'm aware of. Sounds like a hike but have made that drive several times for other purchases (non-auto). Makes for a nice weekend getaway and would save about $3K-$4K. Guess advantage to local would be trade in but if ya'll can go lower than invoice on orders you may start to get more business than you know what to do with it.

Glad to hear us older cat owners wont be left out on factory performance upgrades!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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