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Does added boost change peak RPM on motor ??

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My Hellcat has a few mods done to it. It has a Liten Hellraiser 2.85 Supercharger pulley , AC Killer Chiller and has been dyno tuned. I didn't receive the dyno sheet. My question is does this added boost move the peak HP and Torque of the motor ?? I'm totally new to supercharged motors. Have only had this car since January. I don't want to damage my motor by over revs. Thanks for any input.
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I was just wondering when going from a stock Hellcat pulley to a 2.85 Hellraiser if a person should still go off of the factory Hellcat redline ?? With added boost is it safe to spin it 6200 rpm's ??
Oh, you are wondering if you will overspeed your supercharger, yes?
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