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Does Koons do paint protection?

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There aren't a lot of places in my area that do ceramic coating that I've been able to find, none within a reasonable distance. Still in the pre-planning phase of my purchase and thinking it would be cool to be able to fly down and pick it up already ceramic coated. Anyone know if Koons offers anything like this?
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Dealer ceramic is a waste of money, plus they dont care what kind of job they do and they arent set up to do a good job in the first place. Id go with the suggestions of getting it to a shop near the dealership and getting it done. Paint corrrection even on a new car is going to make a big difference as will the ceramic application.

There are probably 20+ shops that do Ceramic and paint correction witin 15-20 min of the dealership. Start a thread asking VA peeps if they have any reccomendations set something up with the shop and see if Koons wil have it sent there. Or drive down, buy the car, take it yourself and come back when its done. Hassle yeah, but way better than letting a dealership do it.

Ive had 5 of my cars done at at Reflected Images in Forrest Hill MD and have nothing but great results and service from them. . 80 miles NE of Koons BUT it is on your way home

If you are getting a WB then you def want PPF on the front of the flares and maybe lower doors minimum.
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