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Does Nitto NT555R fit on stock rear rims on Charger HC?

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Hi guys, I heard that the Nitto NT555R will fit on stock rear rims on Charger HC, just want to make sure that's correct. Thx
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Get the Nitto nt555r in 275/40/20 they hook great I’ve had my car up to 175 with no issues tire is great. No advantage in putting a 305 on a stock 9.5” wheel your just adding more weight and not getting any more rubber on the ground. It’s unsafe to run over a 295 on a 9.5” wheel. You need 11” wheels to get full rubber from a 305 ton the ground.
I had 305 on my hellcat for ever. ran my car as a daily driver, and 0 issues.
I’m not saying you will have issues, just no Benefit it’s been proven no more rubber on the ground over a 275 when put on a 9.5” inch wheel so your just adding extra tire weight which is more roatational mass which would hurt performance. You need a 11” wheel to properly utilize a 305 tire.
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Personally, I've seen more than a few Nitto 305 555R's mounted on 9.5" OEM wheels and they look fine. No bulging. And the owners rave about their performance. Tire God 2.0 has covered this before.

My friend went from 305’s to 275’s Nitto nt555r on the same day at the track and dropped a 1/10 off his 1/4 mile time and 2mph faster on the 275’s so that’s why I went with the 275’s sure it’s cool to say you have 305’s but I’d rather have the better performance that comes with the 275’s.
275’s on the stock wheel have better performance then 305’s which don’t properly fit on the stock hellcat 9.5” that’s why most wheel shops won’t mount the 305 on the stock width wheel, it’s been proven. At least with the Nitto nt555r’s I cant say for other tires but I’ve seen it myself with the nittos at the track same day tires swapped.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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