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Don't buy Michelin, BFG, etc tires...

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Yes, Michelin owns BFG in case you did not know.

I've got BFG tires on my Hellcat with a whole 17,000 mi on them. BFG offers a 45,000 mile warranty on these tires. However, they are refusing to reimburse me for new tires or replace the tires. The rears have uneven treadwear and need to be replaced. No, I haven't done any burnouts on them. This car is my daily driver, not a track rat.

Steer clear of their tires.
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If at first you don't succeed, try again.
I say this because a phone call always goes to someone else.
If they deny you and everyone else the 1st time and 50% of the customers go away, they are ahead. Keep pressing and you should get better results. If you keep pushing, they should eventually cave to their warranty.
I know it shouldn't have to be this way, but that's the way it works.
Best of Luck
I'm no stranger to this game. I skipped the nonsense and go right to the corporate contacts aka the bigwigs. That's what I've been doing. Still not getting anywhere but that doesn't mean I'm quitting. This isn't my first rodeo

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Can't say that I would've ever considered BFGs for my 'Cat.

But if I had somehow ended up using them, I would have no problems with replacing them with something better. On my dime.
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