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Drag radial vs summer tires for the streets

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so i get Drag radials grip much better ..say like a 555RII would grip much better than best summer tires . but is that statement only true on the streets or only at the drag strip?
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They are all radials...
how do you mean, can you elaborate ? why would they be categorize differently then?..
I just recently had 555RIIs installed in 305/35/20 along with 285/35/20 555tG2s for the fronts; literally on Tuesday morning.

I have some suspension work and the Diablo suspension controller along with a McLeod RTX 1200 clutch and Barton short shifter.

Drag radials, I will never run anything else on the Cat. That grip lets you blast forward with unlost momentum, power and torque thrust with every shift.

The Michelin PS4S is a great highway tire, but very little else beats a DR for outright grip in the lower gears.
I guess this was I wanted to know, so the DR will still grip on unprepped surface better than summer such as 4s?
Are we assuming the original post is about drag radials?
drag radials vs summers (on the street)yes..sorry my post wasnt clear (fixed it)
why im I not surprised by you dumb response, likely u knew what I meant in the first place..thanks tips..L
I ran the original Mickey Thompson drag radials full time, although not daily driver, for many years on my Mustang. Those are now the S/S drag radials I believe. They gripped great on the street. I usually got about 12,000 miles out of them.

I've never had summer tires because I like to drive my car on nice days even when it's below 40 degrees.
Thank you I think I will be getting DRs then since that would serve best all around since I dont even drive it much I wont worry about wear as much neither
For a street, daily driven tire, I prefer the 555RIIs over the PS4S. With the Michelins I would still spin in 1st and 2nd.Not so with the Nitto tire.

However, the PS4S is a great tire for fun highway use, that's a tire I would corner as hard as I could with. Not the case for the Nittos. Those are a straight line acceleration tire.

When I had the same Nittos in 315/35/20 they performed exceptionally well at the strip (PBIR). Although, my mods are JLT intake and AWE Track edition exhaust for sound, otherwise I'm stock in terms of power.
why the nitto were not so good on the hwy? thing is i have both ps4 and the nittos and not sure which to put on.. im a street driver, might start at the strip this summer but it will be rare and hence im curious if the DRs would be kuch better on the street
If you have a garage queen, they are fine. If you have drive it in the rain, they aren't. Since they are listed as a "DOT Drag Radial", this isn't street to me. I'll stick with street tires since I drive mine in the rain all the time.

The NT555®RII is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed with additional flexibility for the weekend drag racer.

The ratings are barely half of the PS4S in wet, comfort and quietness. I'll just bolt my drag radials on when I go to the drag strip.
thanks a lot for your input much appreciated
Also, the Nittos are sponges compared to the Michelins, therefore they are a more cornering tire.
To my understanding DR is not good for cornering due to its side walls no?
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Most DR's are not good at all for cornering, but the Nitto 555R2 is quite capable of cornering very well due to a stiffer sidewall.
Yes sir, between these and the Toyo 888Rs seems to be the best go to tires
Both are good but the R888R sounds like a monster truck tire.
lol my exhaust will drown that I think
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