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Drag radial vs summer tires for the streets

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so i get Drag radials grip much better ..say like a 555RII would grip much better than best summer tires . but is that statement only true on the streets or only at the drag strip?
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I just recently had 555RIIs installed in 305/35/20 along with 285/35/20 555tG2s for the fronts; literally on Tuesday morning.

I have some suspension work and the Diablo suspension controller along with a McLeod RTX 1200 clutch and Barton short shifter.

Drag radials, I will never run anything else on the Cat. That grip lets you blast forward with unlost momentum, power and torque thrust with every shift.

The Michelin PS4S is a great highway tire, but very little else beats a DR for outright grip in the lower gears.
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For a street, daily driven tire, I prefer the 555RIIs over the PS4S. With the Michelins I would still spin in 1st and 2nd.Not so with the Nitto tire.

However, the PS4S is a great tire for fun highway use, that's a tire I would corner as hard as I could with. Not the case for the Nittos. Those are a straight line acceleration tire.

When I had the same Nittos in 315/35/20 they performed exceptionally well at the strip (PBIR). Although, my mods are JLT intake and AWE Track edition exhaust for sound, otherwise I'm stock in terms of power.
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Also, the Nittos are sponges compared to the Michelins, therefore they are a more cornering tire.
The wet traction and cornering friendliness is what swayed my decision to run the 555 R IIs again.
Thry are perfect for on ramp blasts, and long sweeping highway bends.
And the grip is gluelike.
I’m a happy return customer 👍👍🏎🔥🔥💯😎
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Hey is your car lowered?
Yeah, I’m lowered on Eibach Pro kits along with some other suspension add-ons.
Stock 9.5" wide wheels or something else ?
Fronts are the stock 9.5 wheels, rears are 11 in.
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