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Drag radial vs summer tires for the streets

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so i get Drag radials grip much better ..say like a 555RII would grip much better than best summer tires . but is that statement only true on the streets or only at the drag strip?
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Ding....ding.......ding! When my PS4S are worn out this summer, I'll try the Nitto N555 G2 street tires next. I can no longer justify $525 each for the Michelins.
^^^ Agree
Having used the 555rs, 555rII and the NT05r - I prefer the NT05r (my driving style, only fair weather and not daily). But I am a big fan the Nittos (555s or NTs) for street, not so much on the track (I prefer mickeys for the track - too soft for the street).
OP - the PS4S are great for the street, in fact a number of members have shown they are competitive with drag radials (within a few tenths) performance wise. But I don’t track my car or look to cut corners at speed - so between cost of the tires, performance in preferred use, and driving style - I would put money on the 555rIIs.

The hardest part of any tire selection is putting down your preferences (cost, frequency of driving, driving conditions, driving style, etc) and picking the tire that fits your needs. It can be a very personal decision…
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