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Dream in Color

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Seeing some traffic on the color and options of cars that people are getting in their Challengers and future Charger Hellcats as well as comments from some that are on the fence to purchase these fine machines. I'd like to share my mother's perspective, bless her heart. She grew up back when TVs were new and of course in black and white. She always stated that she dreamed in "Black and White". So my parents were pretty basic, lots of Volvo station wagons to get 12 kids around (see attached).

As for me, I got a couple on non station wagon Volvos to include the "R" which I liked a whole lot, but it was a bit tricky having 3 cars for myself and having to move for the military. I sold my first car (3000GT) and my "R" and drove in my Charger SRT8 (winner of auto survivor:) from LA to Miami in 3 days with the help of a couple siblings. It was a great trip and really cemented my appreciation for my Dodge product.

When I showed my mom my charger, she immediately stated that I must "dream in color". The vast improvements in power, technology, etc. was about as different as a black and white TV and a color TV.

Fortunately like many of you in this forum, I don't dream in color any more..... I dream in HD 1080p (and at times 3D). These hellcats are truly the pinnacle of performance with style and comfort to match.

So if any of your significant others or family tell you that you are dreaming, and that becoming an owner of one of these fine vehicles is beyond your reach. Just let them know that you dream in HD. They ultimately will understand when your dream vehicle arrives and they see, hear, and feel first hand the difference!

Get the color you want, get the options you want, get the plate you want its your dream!

Sweet dreams to all that are waiting..... and for those lucky enough to have a HELLCAT arriving soon SHARE you dreams with others!


Can't wait to show my Mom my new HD ride!!


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