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Driver side Lumbar

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Hello all, I have a 2020 Challenger Hellcat and the lumbar on the driver side all of a sudden won’t deflate all the way. I can inflate and it works fine, goes up and down without issues. I deflate and it deflates to a point but still it complete deflation. Went to the dealer and they had a Hellcat with the same seats on the lot and I sat in just to make sure it wasn’t me and it isn’t me. The one I sat in you can feel it fully deflate the service dept said they don’t feel a difference. I even made the new Hellcat feel like mine, they sat in both and said they are the same. Then I had them sit in the new car and deflate it the rear of the way which it did and they still said nothing is wrong. So pissed with a $70,000 car and driving it is painful to my back. Anyone hear of this or any suggestions, Going to call dodge about and file a complaint. They said they can’t just replace the seat, but I can’t believe the seat can’t be fixed. Thanks.
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So you're saying there are two lumbar "air bags"? Mine is one wide one. Dumb question, but did you try pushing on it? This isn't included in the auto seat settings is it?
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