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Driver's seat wear

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First post and new member to Hellcat community. Nothing exciting here, just a 2018 WB regular ole Hellcat, but I freaking LOVE it! Cannot believe these cars come with instructions how to beat them AND have a factory warranty! Have driven old muscle cars for decades. No matter how nice they are, you constantly have to work on them and there are ALWAYS some sort of issues. Sold a mint 1979 T/A that I adored, but money offered was too good. Left a big hole in my heart and some fat cash and now hear I am. Miss the T/A, but Miss Kitty (I name all my cars) has filled that void X10.

Purpose of post, only complaints so far is brake dust (duh, if you keep your cars impeccable which I do) and I have some sort of delamination issues with front driver's seat. It's like thin top layer of leather has come loose from whatever substrate is supposed to be attached to. Anybody else experience anything like this? Car has 15K miles.

Stoked to be part of this community! These cars are amazing!
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Your not alone.

The charger I had started doing similar but I sold it before it got that bad. If you do a search here you will find there wasn’t enough foam stuffed under the leather and causes some stretching of the leather

Doesn’t seem to happen with the alcantara seats, only the more expensive leather like you have. I would try for warranty as well
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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