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Drivers side catch can on 2017 HC install

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Hey guys, couple things. So my catch showed up after a month on Amazon today (only went that route because part store was 2 month wait, still spent $300 on it instead of $50 I thought it was brand name???.?) and it’s for the drivers side not the passenger like I see in most videos. Speaking of most videos I think I’ve learnt that the drivers side is the “clean” side… so why would you want a catch can there? Or did they send me the wrong can and it’s supposed to go on the drivers side…or on a 2017 is that the dirty side, or does it matter which side? Lol figured you would want the “dirty side” im so confnused now haha

if this is the unit does anyone have any instructions for me? Only thing I got is where to mount it. Ever seen one like this?
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I ran a drivers side for 2-3 years and never got 1 drop in it, even running higher boost.
I have heard of JLT, not J&L, is this a knock off for people who get google kidnapped?
Maybe… with how things happen in my life lol probably. I’m gonna try and send back and get the right one… in a month or two fml… unless someone can point me to a decent one that comes sooner? Amazon delivers to my spot pretty easily
I have a restraining order against speaking out on catch cans...........
lol don’t think we need em?
6 drops? Lol not worth the time or effort for the driver side for sure
Hell no it’s not. I’m hoping they can send me the bracket and I can use it on the passenger. Bout $300 so it’s either going back or in Gettin a bracket
This is when you know a catch can is doing its job. 4000 miles on a Tahoe.
About 1 beer worth of oil. 6 drops lol….
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Yep, never knew about the whole clean side dirty side thing until this arrived and I watched a video on how to put it in. Kinda wasted a month there with this thing. Not sure why they sell them
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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